Annapolis National Cemetery

Interments by last name

Please note that data in black type are transcribed directly from the tombstones; data in other colors come form the sources indicated on the acknowledgements page.

Last Name First Name Official
Grave #
Section Section
Grave #
State Other data
Yandell John Michael
N 5
In memory of…LT US NAVY Jan 8 1958 Jul 15 1986
Yates Jno. 185 A 15
Yockey Henry 1891 I 65 IND
Yockey Jno. 1498 D 141 PA
Yonker H. W. 1730 E 231 NY
Young D.W.
B 168
SGT MAJ U.S.C.T. Jan 9 1901 (new stone)
Young Elijah 193 A 151 NY
Young Henry 2461 G 148 TENN
Young Henry 1344 J 75 CONN
Young William C. 1208 D 119 ME
Young Wm. 1728 E 249 NY

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Interments by last name
Annapolis National Cemetery

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