Annapolis National Cemetery

Interments by last name

Please note that data in black type are transcribed directly from the tombstones; data in other colors come form the sources indicated on the acknowledgements page.

Last Name First Name Official
Grave #
Section Section
Grave #
State Other data
Illgenstein Adolph 909 K 19 ILL
Inman Israel 2025 F 184 WIS
Inman Joseph 1856 E 22 TENN
Isaacs Bernard Augustus
J 200
MARYLAND PVT CO B 24 INF 25 INF DIV KOREA April 5 1929 September 1 1951
Isaacs Josephine
F 171
Mar 14 1899 Dec 20 1991 Wife of PVT ROBERT C ISAACS USA
Isaacs Robert C.
F 154
Kentucky PVT CO I 166 INF 42 DIVISION World War I November 11 1897 May 17 1957
Ishmael Louis 1175 C 2 ILL

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Interments by last name
Annapolis National Cemetery

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