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Dress parade on Worden Field

Worden Field
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Named for Commodore John L. Worden, who commanded the Monitor when that ironclad met the Merrimac in the immortal first battle between armor-plated vessels. Worden Field is the site of all Midshipmen's dress parades, including the perennial Commissioning Week favorite, the Color Parade.




  BOQ/O Club

O Club
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A bandstand, located at the south end of Worden Field, offers an exceptional view of the dress parades; its roof can be seen in the photo above.  Beyond the bandstand are seen the Chapel dome and the roof of the Officers' and Faculty Club, part of Ernest Flagg's "new Academy" of 1899.  Part of this building, pictured to the right, now serves as the Bachelor Officers' Quarters.





  Parade Ground Homes

"Parade Ground Homes"
The parade ground is on the banks of Dorsey Creek and is flanked on the west and north sides by Upshur and Rogers Roads, respectively. Along these roads are stately brick houses, a group of residences known as The Parade Ground Homes.



USNA band on parade, Worden Field

United States Naval Academy

Marching over the historic grounds of the Naval Academy since May 7, 1853, the Naval Academy Band is the oldest continuning musical organization in the United States Navy. From its humble beginnigs as a single drummer accompanied by a single fifer in 1845, the band now boasts 64 members, all professional musicians who are enlisted regular personnel in the U.S. Navy. The band's most well-known unit is the marching band, which plays at all dress parades as well as participating in Annapolis' annual Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades. The band's Electric Brigade, a contemporary muscial group, presents a series of summer concerts at the Annapolis City Dock. The band also features a number of classical ensembles.

cannon salute
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Dress parades are reviewed by all manner of dignitary, from the Mayor of Annapolis to the President of the United States. Whomever is reviewing the parade, he or she is accorded full military honors - which include a ceremonial cannon salute. This official salute is provided by a two-gun battery located at the Dorsey Creek seawall.

Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall
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Dedicated in 1991, Alumni Hall is a multi-purpose building where concerts, conferences and sporting events are all held. It is located across the street from Worden Field. Part of Griffin Hall, one of Ernest Flagg's buildings, stood on the site prior to its construction. Both Griffin Hall and a connected building, Melville Hall, were torn down prior to Alumni Hall's construction.


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