indicated by black or grey numerals
1Rickover Hall11Chapel21Ward Hall
2Nimitz Library12Buchanan House22Lejeune Hall
3Michelson Hall13Tecumseh Court23Ricketts Hall
4Chauvenet Hall14Bancroft Hall24Halsey Field House
5Alumni Hall15King Hall25Armel-Leftwich
Visitors' Center
6Leahy Hall16Mitscher Hall26Robert Crown
Sailing Center
7Preble Hall17Natatorium27Maury Hall
8BOQ/Officers' and
Faculty Club
18Macdonough Hall28Sampson Hall
9Guard houses19Luce Hall29Mahan Hall
10Administration20Dahlgren Hall30Alumni House

indicated by yellow letters
AWorden FieldIFarragut FieldQRickover Terrace
BWorden bandshellJSantee BasinRJapanese Monument
CTripoli MonumentKTurner FIeldSTriton Light
DHerndon MonumentLIngram FieldTMaine foremast
EZimmerman bandshellMDewey FieldUSea Gate
FMexican MonumentNForrest Sherman Field
(Hospital Point)
VMacendonian Monument
GTecumsehOUSNA Cemetery
HRip Miller FieldPWorden Field battery
entries with (*) at end indicate photo pending


-- Buildings which appear in black are the buildings designed as Ernest Flagg's "new Naval Academy"
-- Buildings in grey are later construction.
-- Several buildings have been razed to make way for new construction on the Yard. These include several of Flagg's buildings, represented by black figures with no numbers. These were: the steam plant (in the lower left-hand corner of Rickover Hall); Isherwood Hall (the black figure beneath Alumni Hall), and two boathouses (in the upper right-hand corner of the Nimitz Library). In addition, two early 20th century buildings which have been razed - Griffin and Melville Halls - are represnted by the pink figure beneath Alumni Hall.
--The lighter green areas represent filled land.
--The yellow line between Dewey and Ingram Fields indicates the original location of the Dewey Basin. An excellent view of this entire area before it was filled may be found in the motion picture Navy Blue and Gold.
--The brownish-red lines are walkways.
--The orange areas in the lower area of the map are Annapolis proper - referred to by the Midshipmen's handbook, Reef Points, as "a small village on the banks of the Naval Academy".

The two guard houses (buildings at marker 9), located at Gate 3 on Maryland Avenue, are the only structures still standing from the "old" (pre-Flagg) Naval Academy.

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