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Annapolis National Cemetery

Inside the Walls

Civil War marker
another type of marker
U.S. Colored Troops
Different types of markers at the Annapolis National Cemetery

The marker on the left, above, is an original Civil War marker. From a distance these types of markers blend with the others so that their difference is indistinguishable.  However, upon close inspection one will see that these markers are much thicker and more narrow than their modern-day counterparts. There are hundreds of this type of marker in the Annapolis National Cemetery.

The marker in the center is a Spanish-American War-era marker. There are a good number of these stones, distinguished by their incised lettering and large shield impression. This type of stone is thinner and wider than the Civil War era marker.

The third marker is a "modern" stone; seemingly a hybrid of the two previous types of marker, it is about the same size as the Civil War marker but considerably taller, yet has the Spanish-American War-size shield - though it is an outline, not a full impression.

Unknown U.S. Soldier
C.S.A. Unknown
"...known But to God"

There are 211 unknown soldiers who rest in Annapolis National Cemetery.   Of these 211, 209 are U. S. soldiers, one is a Confederate soldier...and one marker says, simply, "unknown".  Truly, this is the unknown soldier...even the country for which he fought and died is known only to God.

Annapolis National Cemetery
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