Annapolis National Cemetery

Autumn view

Why did I create this website?

I did it because of what this cemetery stirs within me:   behind its thick, cold, fieldstone walls are the final resting places of both Union and Confederate soldiers - men who faced one another in fierce battle during this nation's darkest hour and who now lie side by side for eternity. There are graves of men from as far away as Kansas, and there are graves of men from here in Maryland.

There are also 211 graves, represnting both sides of the conflict, of soldiers whose identities are known but to God. These men, perhaps mere boys, left home on a crusade of honor only to die, alone and unknown, in a brutal place that was far from home, from wife and children, from Mother...

This website is dedicated to all those buried here, but particularly to the 211 whose final moments on this earth were spent only with God and whose families went to their own graves never knowing that their son, or brother, or husband, had found eternal rest in a cold hillside in a small town called Annapolis.

Say "thank you!" to a Veteran with words today - instead of with a flag on their grave tomorrow!

Thank you for stopping by.

Annapolis National Cemetery

Last updated Wednesday, October 36, 2016