Annapolis National Cemetery

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2,982 graves cataloged as of 11:25 a.m. E.D.S.T. October 22, 1998

Primary cataloging, which began on August 9, 1998, has been completed.   However, while I was 'wandering about' I noted that several tombstones have inscriptions on their reverse face which remain to be cataloged.

The Annapolis National Cemetery comprises 4.125 acres of gently rolling hillsides. Now located well within the incorporated city limits, the cemetery was once a five-minute carriage ride outside the city line.

    Please note the following when viewing the section maps:

  1. The maps are NOT to scale
  2. All unknowns are Civil War casualties
  3. All United States Colored Troops (U.S.C.T.) graves are from the Civil War
  4. Graves marked as being from conflicts other than the Civil War are so marked because the tombstone itself names the conflict(s)
  5. Graves indicated by solid black symbols are those of dependents and veterans alike; those which are veterans' graves are not coded to indicate that the deceased took part in any conflict(s) because the tombstone does not indicate any conflict(s)

As each section of the cemetery is mapped and coded, the lettered section of the map above is clickable and will yield a larger map of that section.

Annapolis National Cemetery
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