Baltimore and Annapolis Trail Park Remember the Golden Rule?  Well, it applies on the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail as well as anywhere else - perhaps even moreso on the Trail because of space.  Yes, the Trail is thirteen miles long, but it's only ten feet wide!   So remember:

Treat other trail guests the way you want to be treated.



BATrail etiquette
  • Respect private property along the trail
  • Travel in the right-hand lane, just like on a highway
  • Pass on the left and announce your intention - say something like "passing on your left", or simply "on your left".
  • Because the Trail is also frequented by equestrians (horeback riders), use care around horses so as not to spook them
  • DO NOT SPEED or otherwise ride recklessly
  • Pedestrians have the right of way
  • Use bike racks and always lock your bike
  • Move off the trail when stopped.  This includes making sure your bicycle is completely out of the traffic area of the Trail
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Notify emergency services in the event of an accident or incident; call 911 in the event of a fire or medical emergency
Riding along

AA Co Recreation and Parks
For additional information,
please contact:

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail Park
P.O. box 1007
Severna Park, MD   21146


Last updated Monday, July 17, 2000

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